Pest Inspection &

As part of our service, a thorough Pest Inspection and Identification is conducted to determine the best, safest and correct treatment options for your site, weather this is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Correct Pest Identification can save you time and money by ensuring you the most effective treatments methods are applied.

Identifying pests and their harbourages can help prevent further infestations and pest issues from arising. Direct treatment and preventative measures to help eliminate and control affected areas and can minimise chemical usage, providing a safer and a more environmentally friendly treatment.

Commercial Pest

Commercial Pest management can come in many sizes, from small cafes and restaurants to offices and large distribution centres, food manufacturing and storage, education, and health care sites along with everything in between.

Let S & W Beams take care of all your pest control requirements.
We have a dedicated team of quality technicians and professionals with the latest in scheduling and online reporting technology, waiting to help you.

AQIS and HACCP compliant, with many existing customers in these specialised areas.
We take care of your pest prevention plan,
allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Customized Pest
Treatment Plans

Not every site is the same, be it Residential, Commercial, or Industrial, we can arrange a customised treatment plan for you. Weather it is a one of pest control treatment at your house or is required as a part of your sites ongoing routine maintenance and quality control requirements, we can customise plans and reports to suit your site needs. We will work along with you or your business to discuss your pest control plan with you.

Let S & W Beams customise a pest control management plan for you.

Import and Export Biosecurity

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) prevents, responds to and recovers from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and our unique environment. A strong biosecurity system helps protect our way of life from the threat of these exotic pests and diseases.

Our Sister Company Evolution Fumigation is an approved treatment provider that follows all the protocols set out by the DAFF in order to stop pests from entering the country. All our fumigators are licensed and trained to complete Methyl Bromide Imports (12.1). Our fumigations are carried out at authorised customer depots.

  • We specialise in Methyl Bromide and Sulphuric F?? fumigation.
  • Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
  • 20′ & 40′ Container fumigation
  • LCL fumigation
  • Tarp fumigation
  • Log Fumigation

Contact S & W Beams or our Sister Company Evolution Fumigation for all your Fumigation requirements.