In Australia, the thriving manufacturing and industrial sectors face a common threat: pest infestation, which jeopardizes the safety of workers and goods. It’s a scenario we all aim to prevent.

Whether you’re involved in pharmaceutical production or food processing, having a proactive pest control program is vital to mitigate potential legal issues and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Despite Australia’s fortunate status of being relatively free from some of the world’s most destructive plant pests, manufacturing sites demand vigilant attention. Beams Pest Management is equipped to manage supply chains of all sizes and complexities.

Pests pose a significant risk to goods within industrial plants, infiltrating through various avenues. From rodents and insects carrying pathogens to mosquitoes and other pests, the threat is pervasive nationwide.

Even if your business has never faced pest issues before, the changing climate has prompted many pests to migrate to new areas, potentially including yours. While upholding professional hygiene standards is essential, effectively sealing access points and preventing pests from establishing themselves among your goods necessitates expert intervention.

Adopt a proactive stance by implementing a comprehensive pest management program aligned with local industrial building regulations.

Contact Beams Pest Management today at 1300 894 696 for a complimentary site assessment. We’ll begin with an initial consultation over the phone and subsequently conduct a thorough risk assessment at your site.

Our approach to industrial pest control is holistic, addressing immediate pest control needs while implementing proactive measures. We meticulously evaluate both the interior and exterior of your property, leveraging our expertise on local pest species to devise a tailored treatment and prevention plan.

Each industrial pest solution is personalized to mitigate your specific infestation risks, incorporating both one-time treatments and ongoing maintenance schedules to uphold pest removal and health and safety standards.


The experts at Beams Pest Management stand ready to ensure a pest-free environment, safeguarding your establishment from these potential consequences.