Baiting is the most cost-effective control tool for broadscale and rapid population knockdowns, so it is important to design your integrated feral animal control program around baiting when it is permissible.

The following control measures may be suitable:

  • baiting (baits and/or Canid Pest Ejectors)
  • shooting
  • den fumigation and ripping
  • above-ground harbour removal
  • property hygiene
  • exclusion fencing
  • guardian animals.

Effective fox control requires an integrated approach using a combination of control measures (not just one).

It is also important to work with your neighbours, rather than individual properties.

Be aware that native wildlife may also use fox habitat, so ensure your fox control program doesn’t adversely affect them.

If the intended fox control work may result in disturbance of native vegetation, culturally significant areas and waterways, you need to contact the responsible authorities prior to works being conducted. This may include local government, Agriculture Victoria, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria or the local Registered Aboriginal Party, and the local Catchment Management Authority.

Things to be aware of when using bait LIKE 1080 and PAPP

  • You must  have appropriate Agricultural Chemical Users Permits (ACUP) with a PAPP and 1080 endorsement
  • have a Commercial Operators Licence (COL) with a vermin destroyer endorsement
  • hold a valid Licence To Use Pesticides (LTUP) with an authorisation for the control of pest animals.
  • Non-target animals, particularly domestic dogs, may be killed if they consume PAPP bait.

As you can see there are  a lot of factors  to consider when trying to eradicate foxes that’s why  it is better left to the professionals

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Rabbits are one of Australia’s most serious pest animals as they:

  • destroy pasture, crops and plant communities that impacts agriculture and the environment
  • cause soil erosion and associated sedimentation of waterways
  • compete with native fauna for food and habitat
  • are well suited to Australian conditions and breed prolifically.

Before designing your rabbit control program, it is important to understand rabbit behaviour and ecology. The following should be considered:

Good planning is essential for maximising the effectiveness of your rabbit control program, while minimising impact on other animals. Consider rabbit density, distribution and habitat as this will determine what actions are appropriate.

Establishing a benchmark of rabbit numbers, and damage, before undertaking rabbit control will help gauge effectiveness of your control program later.

Do you have the right licences for the poisons ?

Sound all to hard ?

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Feral Cats
Feral cats are one of the primary causes of the decline and extinction of native Australian species.

Cats prey on small native and exotic mammals, birds, lizards and insects. An estimated 80 endangered and threatened species are preyed on by wild cats.

Feral cats can also spread and carry diseases that affect humans and other animals.

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